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Our cosmetic dentistry treatments are designed to restore the appearance of your teeth back into the pearly whites


Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you. Whether it’s a date or a business meeting, how your teeth look can make or break the deal. So, keep your teeth in great shape with help from our highly experienced cosmetic dentists in Santa Ana, at Smooth Dental and Orthodontics.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments are designed to restore the appearance of your teeth back into the pearly whites they were before. They can help you address:

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Cosmetic dentistry involves any dental treatment designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. At our Santa Ana dental clinic, we offer the following cosmetic dental treatments:

Teeth whitening

Say goodbye to coffee, wine and food stains. Our teeth whitening treatment helps you recover your spotless, pearly white teeth in no time.we can restore your bright smile


Gift yourself beautiful and shapely teeth with dental veneers. These custom-made dental accessories can be applied to the surface of your teeth

Teeth fillings

Tooth decay can leave your teeth hollow. Not only will this be painful, but it will also impact how you look. At Smooth Dental and Orthodontics, our cosmetic dentists

Dental crowns

Did a recent injury result in broken or misshapen teeth? Restore your damaged or chipped teeth back to their former glory with the help of dental crown


Missing teeth can make your smile seem weak. They can also affect your self-confidence. With our top-grade dental implants. you will now be able to flash

Gum recontouring

Are you unhappy with how your gums look? Don’t allow misshapen gums to affect the quality of your life. With gum recontouring, you’ll be able to get beautiful gums


The winning smile is just a single dental treatment away. Our cosmetic dentistry Santa Ana treatments are designed to help you regain teeth that look so natural, your friends and neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference.

Contact us today to schedule a consult at our Santa Ana Smooth Dental and Orthodontics clinic.

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Donavan Balan
Donavan Balan
A very trustworthy dentist will always come back
Maryann Patino
Maryann Patino
I was referred to this dentist by a friend and was pleasantly impressed by the dentist and all her staff. Everyone was extremely professional and made sure to educate me on my dental work. I had to have deep cleaning and 1 tooth extracted. The dental staff kept me informed as to what to expect from each procedure and educated me on the proper care after each procedure. The dentist even called me at home after the procedures to see how I was feeling. !!! Another important feature was all the preventative education I was provided. I would definitely refer anyone to this dentist!!feature
Celina Beaumont
Celina Beaumont
Happy with service and definitely I like the people 😀
Yeimmi Aguirre
Yeimmi Aguirre
Everyone is so friendly, understanding and patience, I really appreciate you all take an amazing care for us and make us feel so comfortable.
Adolfo Hernandez
Adolfo Hernandez
My time here at smooth dental has been great.the doctors and staff are amazing and tentative I definetly recommend. Thank you for being caring!
Bertha Amaral
Bertha Amaral
Una buena experiencia el personal super amable un super trabajo con mi dentadura totalmente recomendable 👍
Arielle Gutierrez
Arielle Gutierrez
Friendly staff. Offer a variety of dental services -- my favorite being the cavity preventative medicine. Always go above and beyond.
Evelyn Gutierrez
Evelyn Gutierrez
Tuve la oportunidad de conocer gente muy agradable, me dan la confianza, y me explican detalladamente cada tratamiento, tienen mucha higiene, es un muy buen lugar para poder continuar con mis tratamientos.
Abel Rodriguez
Abel Rodriguez
All staff is great. And Richard did a great job on my cleaning! Thanks everyone!!
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