Veneers, also referred to as ‘porcelain veneers’, are basically shells or layers of porcelain which are placed on the surface of the teeth and help correct problems such as incorrect tooth alignment, discoloration, cracks, chips and worn-out enamel.

While veneers are typically understood to be a cosmetic dentistry treatment, they have more use than simply creating beautiful white smiles and shapely, well-aligned teeth. Veneers are also effective in protecting the damaged teeth surface and can minimize the requirement for any further extensive treatments.

Dr. Elizabeth Tran has many years of experience as a cosmetic dentist and has produced some of the best results with dental veneers La Habra and Santa Ana have to offer.


At Smooth Dental Group, Dr. Elizabeth Tran may recommend veneers as a line of treatment in the following cases:

  • Discoloration of teeth, due to staining from drugs like tetracycline; root canal therapy, presence of huge resin fillings or excessive fluorides
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Worn-out tooth enamel
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped, uneven or misaligned teeth (e.g. with bulges or craters in them)


This question will be answered during your initial consultation with Dr. Tran at one of her Smooth Dental and Orthodontics offices. Having produced some of the best results in veneers La Habra and Santa Ana have to offer, Dr. Tran will be able to answer all of your questions and establish whether or not veneers are right for you. She will also be able to suggest alternative treatment options for patients who may not be suitable candidates for veneers.

Each patient analysis begins with Dr. Tran doing a simple smile analysis. This helps in determining what steps need to be taken in order to get the smile desired by the patient. Further, she may also make a diagnostic model of veneers for you to try and gauge an idea about the final results.

Generally speaking, those who have highly discolored or dull teeth are good candidates for dental veneers. Veneers also have the advantage of being long-lasting and can greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of your facial features, especially your mouth and smile.


The preparation for dental veneers begins after your initial consultation with Dr. Tran. She will start the process by removing approximately half a millimeter of your tooth enamel (surface area), an amount that is almost equivalent to the veneer thickness. Before the enamel is trimmed off, Dr. Tran will discuss the option of local anesthesia for numbing the area.

After this, she will proceed to create an impression or model of the specific tooth on which a veneer needs to be added. The impression is delivered to a lab for the construction of the veneer. In most cases, it takes about two to four weeks for the veneer to return from the lab. If a patient has especially unsightly teeth, Dr. Tran may place temporary veneers till the final ones are received.


The bonding between the porcelain veneer and the original tooth is extremely important as besides offering the desirable aesthetic perfection, it also facilitates optimum veneer function. Dr. Tran will place a special light-sensitive resin between the veneer and the tooth and harden it with the help of a curing light.

Finally, she will remove all the excess cement and assess your bite. This will allow her to make any necessary final adjustments to the veneer. Patients are usually required to return to the dental clinic for their follow-up appointment after a few weeks following the treatment. During this appointment, Dr. Tran analyzes the response of the gums to the veneer and reassess the positioning of the veneer.


Veneers are long-lasting and may not require replacement for several years. However, it is critical to visit your dentist for dental cleanings and routine examinations in order to maintain good oral health and enhance the life of your dental restorations.

A strong emphasis is placed on the aftercare of dental veneers. It is difficult to repair fractured or chipped porcelain veneers. There will be significant time and costs involved in the replacement of damaged restorations.


When you leave Smooth Dental Group after your veneer treatment, Dr. Tran will provide you with a set of post-treatment care instructions. Following these instructions will allow you to enjoy the maximum advantages of your veneer restorations. These instructions may include the following:

  • Avoid chewing or biting on hard substances like bones or nut shells
  • Avoid tearing or opening packages with your teeth
  • Certain foods might need to be avoided as they could damage the veneers
  • Regular brushing and flossing are necessary. You may also need to switch to a gentler toothpaste (non-abrasive)
  • Veneers are quite easy to polish. Hence, there is minimal risk of them getting stained with drinks or food once the process is completed. Yet, it is advisable to brush your teeth after drinking tea, coffee, soda or red wine.

For those patients who are used to clenching or grinding their teeth, Dr. Tran may fit them with a special bite guard for nighttime wear. This will save the veneers from getting damaged.


There are multiple advantages of getting veneers. Some of them include the following:

  • They offer a very natural appearance
  • Porcelain dental veneers are typically stain resistant
  • Porcelain is well tolerated by gum tissue
  • The veneer treatment is a gentler and more traditional approach to altering the shape and color of a tooth. Veneers don’t usually require extensive shaping before the procedure and still offer excellent aesthetic and functional results
  • You can select the shade of the porcelain veneer to brighten darker looking teeth

While veneers may be a little more expensive than other popular cosmetic treatments, majority of the patients who undergo the treatment consider it as a worthwhile investment. This is primarily because veneers have multiple applications and just a single treatment allows the patient to enjoy the advantages of orthodontic treatment, dental crowns and teeth whitening.

Are you excited to get a smile makeover? Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Tran at the Smooth Dental Group in La Habra today!

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